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Welcome to our Blog!

Let us introduce ourselves: we are Studio2di2 a dynamic team whose strength lies in the combination of complementary competences. To explain what we do isn’t easy but we will try anyway.


Project design consultants, since 2007 we provide support and guidance to public bodies, organisations and enterprises in all that concerns the huge world of funding opportunities, both on national and international level. With a wealth experience in problem solving and facilitation methodologies, we help our clients define their objectives and how to reach them.

Why this Blog?

After several years working with public bodies, organisations and enterprises and helping them have access to national and European funding opportunities, we came to the conclusion that the key to a successful approach reside in what we call “design culture”. Which means the ability to coordinate rationally needs, objectives, activities, indicators and impacts that we want to generate. Also successfully managing the different elements that constitute a project (activities, human resources, communications, financial reposting etc.), and disseminating its results. (what we call project management) 

To share "Design Culture"

This is one of the reasons behind this blog, and why we have choose to share our experience with all of you. How we design a project? How to define my objectives? What can I do to address the needs of my community or company? We will try to answer all these questions. A successful project generates a network of actors, all working towards a common goal, and it is beneficial for the territory where is implemented. However an innovative idea isn’t enough without the financial capacity to support it. For this reason is important to understand how funding works. 

How to fund a project

A concept we often have to repeat is that you don’t design a project just for the sake of the grant. For a project to succeed, it needs to address real issues, propose innovative solutions, and have a strong frame. That being said, there is plenty of funding opportunities for who know where to look: foundations, ministers, European Commission etc. But to be funded you will need an innovative idea, professional competences and a deep knowledge of design strategies.   

What you will find here

Thanks for making this far! We have warned you that explaining what we do it’s complex. But let us give you some information on what you will find on this blog. Following us you will remain updated on the most exciting funding opportunities on European level, you will follow us through the project we will work on and discover the tools and strategies to design a project (with some little tips here and there) and finally you will learn how to use participatory design methodologies and how they can help you design.

Here we go! Now you just have to follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook (even both of them why not?) and we will keep you updated! 

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