To realise a project, competences and good management aren't enough without the fond to support it.

Studio 2di2 helps its clients identify funding opportunities available at local, national and European level. 2di2 also supports local communities in their economic and social development, and woks to find incentives for corporate business.

To be competitive and have a chance to get the grant, projects must respect the aims of the call and the objective of the funding body. Pass-par-tout projects, that can be adapted to different calls are bound to fail. By making an idea dialogue with the call, we ensure that the project is coherent and respects evaluation criteria.

We help our clients develop their ideas and find the best funding opportunities for their projects. Furthermore Studio2di2 supports the realisation of fundraising campaign, whose purpose is not only to find donations, but even more aims at involving donors in the project and making them an active part of it.