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Born in 2007 as an organizational, planning and communication consulting firm, he specialized in creative problem solving tools and methodologies such as Design Thinking and Lego Serious Play applied in service organizations.

We offer support for the development of projects and the related feasibility and communication studies to be nominated in the funding calls for which we also take care of the presentation (administrative, documentary, financial) of the related application and the reporting of the contributions obtained.


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Anyone who decides to launch and invest time and resources in a new project, be he a public administrator or an entrepreneur, is not very different from an adventurous explorer looking for a hidden treasure. An undertaking that often begins in a bank of fog: tools, means and a qualified crew will be needed to reach the goal.

simona villa

Always in search of balance and balance: yoga and 2of2, mother and manager, yin and yang.

392 485 2101

silvia villa

Always rational and analytical, with Studio 2di2 I learned to combine creative thinking with logical thinking to describe what I observe. Passion, for me, comes from reasoning.

345 661 8143

pasquale soldani

Wonderful the child's mind is! The Padawan is right! Go to the center of the force of attraction and your planet you will find! (Yoda)

rebecca antinori

I drink too much coffee, I have a thousand ideas and little space to put them, I don't leave the house without at least one book in my bag... to relax I watch documentaries on elephants.

annalisa castelli

A Zelda trying desperately to look like a Zoe.

We collaborate on a permanent basis with:

gianluigi bonanomi

I've had a beard since I was a little boy. Currently I deal with training on digital communication of companies and public bodies.

sara spimpolo

If my clothes are broken it is because I am entangled in the brambles of the forest.

eleonora pozzi

danilo duroni

Founders of the SYNarch studio We connect words from different sensory spheres in a single design.

Eleonora Pozzi e Danilo Duroni Architetti

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Simona Villa
392 485 2101
Silvia Villa
345 661 8143

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